Opensim – Kitely and the survey

Recently there was a survey on Hypergrid Business where people was asked about their favorite grid. The questions asked was about support, community, technology, content and overall impression of the grid. Kitely did ok, but I was kind of surprised … read more

OMG! Nosulus Rift…

No, I didnt misspelled the name, because this is an actual thingy. One of my favorite youtubers was invited by Ubisoft to play for them at the GamesCon in Cologne, Germany and this is what he was introduced to: The … read more

Copyright infringement takedown

No this is not in Secondlife or in any other virtual world. This is in a PC-game. We learned so much by now about takedowns in SL and how the content get removed from innocent buyers of sad content, but … read more

Oh noo…the online-numbers are declining!

Today I wrote a post in the Inworldz forum, because I got inspired by the subject about the decline in the online-numbers and that nobody is online on peoples friendslist. ********************************************************************************* Time has changed, and we as VR-people has changed … read more