Mesh CanopyBed

I have often wanted to make a canopybed in mesh because I think they look very faery-tale like, and they can enhance a room very much.

So I decided to make one from scratch in Blender. I started it on Kitely, but when I got a bed that looked fairly good then I made a  low-poly version of that in Secondlife. It is now in my shop there too.

It has 2 sleep poses, that you can access by clicking the under-pillow, but other than that there is no script for it.

canopybed sl_003 canopybed sl_002 canopybed sl_001


I am working on a scripted version on Kitely. It can change color on the different parts (drapes, bedspread, pillows, wood) and set transparency on the drapes, open/close the bedspread and set phantom on/off. Plus it also has the 2 sleep anims in the under-pillows. I am not going to make any MLP because I havent any idea on how to do that. So far its just a decor-bed with 2 sleep poses.