Opensim – Kitely and the survey

coloriconRecently there was a survey on Hypergrid Business where people was asked about their favorite grid. The questions asked was about support, community, technology, content and overall impression of the grid.
Kitely did ok, but I was kind of surprised about that they didnt get topscore in that survey. Yes they are in the top 5 grids, but still it could be better.





If we look at the support-category then Kitely came in as nomber 5. Why?? Ilan, one of the gridowners, does a huge job in helping people and he is always polite and nice. He answers every question you might have and he keeps the Kitely Market up-to-date and clean, so it doesnt end up like the SL market with all sorts of content-spam. He meets with the resident every sunday all year around, and he listen to people. What more could he do?



contentKitely came in as number 8 on content. What is it with that?? The Kitely market has more content that other markets in Opensim. Yes it might be a bit expensive, but this was not a survey about where to get cheap or free things. It was about how the grid is doing around the content-creation. Many people come to Kitely just to create and put their content on the marketplace, even though they have a home in another grid. That is of course because Kitely Market is the only market that can deliver to all the hypergrids. Many people also report that its so nice to create on Kitely because there isnt any annoying bugs and the grid is always stable to work on. So its a mystery for me why people didnt vote more for content on Kitely.


board-1311166_640Kitely was number 3 in Technology. FrancoGrid and AllCity came first. What is it those grids can that Kitely cant? I wonder if it is because those other grids doesnt have many people online at the same time and therefore they dont have any issues, which they probably will have if they start to grow, just like GCG did get in trouble. Or maybe it was because that people who responded to the survey never visited other grids and didnt have anything to compare it with. I dont know. Its just a big puzzle for me why Kitely didnt get topscore here, because the grid is never down, the platform is stable. Creating is always working and the problems there is, are always something with the Opensim-code, which Kitely try to fix as good as they can.


men-1082885_640Something I do understand though, is that Kitely scored low on community. They were number 9 here. It is hard to create a community if people only come to create and dont explore, or attend events or initiate some kind of activity. They do try though, and maybe one day it will grow.



home-1110868_640I am one of those that only comes to create. I love to create on Kitely. It is so smooth, and everything works all the time. I just have my virtual, social life in SL and cant really leave that for now, but if I one day want to find a home in Opensim that should definitely be in Kitely.

Mesh CanopyBed

I have often wanted to make a canopybed in mesh because I think they look very faery-tale like, and they can enhance a room very much.

So I decided to make one from scratch in Blender. I started it on Kitely, but when I got a bed that looked fairly good then I made a  low-poly version of that in Secondlife. It is now in my shop there too.

It has 2 sleep poses, that you can access by clicking the under-pillow, but other than that there is no script for it.

canopybed sl_003 canopybed sl_002 canopybed sl_001


I am working on a scripted version on Kitely. It can change color on the different parts (drapes, bedspread, pillows, wood) and set transparency on the drapes, open/close the bedspread and set phantom on/off. Plus it also has the 2 sleep anims in the under-pillows. I am not going to make any MLP because I havent any idea on how to do that. So far its just a decor-bed with 2 sleep poses.



Virtual Dreamhome

I would love a full sim filled with “dreamhomes”, wonderful and pretty houses and gardens that is filled with quality-interior and designed by a real interior designer, and gardens designed by a gardener and of course with curtains designed by me. This project would be a perfect collaboration-project with landscape-designers, creators of houses, home-decor and garden-stuff and probably many more profiles.

I was inspired to think this thought by a TV-show with 2 Canadian brothers (twins) where they can turn an old shack into a lovely modern home that people really want to live in and feel good about. Then I thought that it could be a new kind of mall in a virtual world, where you get to see the things in a perspective and where you can be inspired to make your own dreamhome.

It could be so much fun to make and especially to see the result of that when its done. Think of visiting a nice landscaped sim with a lot of beautiful houses and gardens and modern style and maybe old vintage style, where you can buy it all or maybe get some of it as a freebie too. It will be the coolest showroom to visit.

To keep costs down and to take advantage of the Kitely Market that sells to many grids, then I would prefer that it should be developed in Kitely.


To make this happen there are a lot of stuff to-do. It will require several sub-projects that I will list here:

Initial phase:

Find the right people to participate in the project. (Right people means motivated, interested and capable)
Decide who does what


Planning phase:

Make plan for landscaping
Decide what types of houses that is suitable
Make house-layouts
Make garden-layouts
Make plan for interior-design for each house and each room
Make marketing-plan


Creating phase:

Create landscape
Create Houses
Create interior
Create garden-things



Rezz houses according to landscape-plan
Build gardens according to garden-layout
Rezz interior according to interior design-plan



Perform marketing according to marketing-plan