Opensim Hypergrid – Contribute to the community in your homegrid instead

Hypergridding is the holy grail for the opensim community, apparently. I do have a perspective on that which might make you wonder why it is hyped so much.

There is no real positive explaination for why people love to hypergrid around. It is all because of some negative conditions in opensim that makes it needed for people to be able to travel between different grids.


The reasons I have seen that people usually comes up with to defend it is:
1. Your homegrid lacks good events. You have to find the good events in other grids. (Why do you stay in your boring homegrid then?)
2. Your friends lives in another grid and you want to visit once in a while. (Why dont you live in the same grid as your friends then?)
3. You cant find the content you want in your own homegrid, so you have to search for it in other grids. (Wouldnt that mean that your grid is way too small for you?)
4. You like to explore nice sims, so you travel to experience the beautiful builds and landscape around. (Wouldnt that mean that your home-grid is too small and/or too boring?)
5. You like to research a grid before you make a move there. (You dont have to stay in a grid just because you make an avatar to research, and it is always free, plus you get a better idea about how the performance is.)
6. You have your own grid and want to meet new people around. (Apparently there isnt any newcomers to your grid since you need to search for them in other places, so why do you choose to live on an isolated island if that isnt enough for you?)
7. You like your gridowners so much so that you are willing to miss out a lot just to stay with them. (well if you dont like the gridowners in other grids, why do you still visit their grids then?)

I really cant think of any positive explaination for why hypergridding is needed. It is just because of the lack of grids that contains enough elements with what people need, so they have to search for it in other grids. I am close to believe that hypergridding is what brakes the growth of opensim because of the lack of willingness to contribute to community in the homegrid.