Hello world!

Welcome to Virtual Zigzag. This site is going to be a zigzag between virtual life, virtual business and virtual worlds and also a little about gaming. Feel free to look around.

On this site you will find a virtual curtain-catalog for Xzari Curtains, which is a virtual shop in 3 different virtual worlds. Read more under about Xzari Curtains.

You will also find a PC gaming blog and a kind of diary about playing Ark: Survival evolved. A fantastic survival game where you are tested on your survival skills in a world with many dinosaurs and it also includes dinosaur-taming (the dino-babies are sooo cute), base-building and a lot of different crafting.

There is a forum that you can use to promote your opinions on different matters.

I will blog about Secondlife, Inworldz and Kitely if there is something interesting to blog about, and also about Opensim in general.

This will be a mix of what I am interested in. Maybe one day a little real life rants can sneak in to.

But so far: