Losing money in a virtual world.

lost-money-clipart-1Unfortunately that is something that we have to be prepared for when we rent land, shops or serverspace from someone that we really dont know anything about. Its almost impossible to know if a Grid-owner, land-baron, grid-provider or even a little mall-owner will take the money and run one day, when they dont feel for their project anymore.



A month ago (or something) a grid suddenly just disappeared in Opensim. Virtual Life Grid is no more, and people didn’t get any notice about it, the managers couldnt get in contact with the owner and residents lost a homegrid, people lost the currency they had, even though that it was PODEX that was used, but they didn’t take any responsibility for it and wouldn’t refund people anything.

A manager or a resident wrote this in the grids G+ group:
As most have no doubt figured out, Virtual Life Grid has been closed. I have sent messages to Alpha through his RL partner, as well as direct messages to him via Skype. I’ve received no response at all. Others have told me they have also tried to contact him with no response.

I know a lot of you have currency there, as do I, so I thought I would let you know what I was told when I contacted Podex about it. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there is nothing they can do to help us retrieve those monies. Because they are a third party, they have no access to our VL accounts. They were not granted permission to deduct money without the account owner’s confirmation in-world.

While it’s quite frustrating to lose money in this manner, it’s comforting to know that Podex protects our accounts in this manner.?



Lost_in_Translation_posterThe last week there has been more drama in Opensim around Aviworld and Avilabs, because of the owners lack of communication about his actions or lack of actions, that led to several grids going offline suddenly, apparently because of missing payments to the server-hosting-company. People that have been renting a whole grid from Avilabs found themselves in a situation where they didnt have any access to their grids and their residents didnt have any chance of login in. This is damn annoying when happening. Especially if you have been paying in advance and you realize that the money is lost because of an owner that seems to have taken the money and ran away, instead of paying the service he has used for his business.


Anyway we dont know the reasons for all this and it doesnt really matter either, because all we feel is the consequenses and thats enough.





My home after LL smashed my homeplot….

Also happening last week, my homeplot in Second Life was suddenly gone. Poof…no more home.
I have for a while rented a quarter of a sim with Regent Estates, which is a old land-baron that has existed for many years in SL and without any drama. Now it seems that Regent Estates is no more!




Fortunately I didnt pay in advance, so I lost no money and LL did let the sims be online for a few days so we could grab our stuff, but its really annoying when this happens.

I got this notecard from Melody Regent, the owner of Regent Estate.

Good Day,

I will get right to the point. Unfortunately I am coming to you with very sad news. Over the last few months Regent Estates has been struggling with issue with LL and and the Linden Xchange. We have been trying very hard to work with LL to be able to keep the sims open by transferring them to a reliable land owner that holds the same high standards as Regent Estates does.

We were in talks with another estate to transfer the sims and keep every one of our clients on their sims with no impact or price increase. Linden simply got in the way and refused to help make the transfer happen.

After a lot of going back and forth and trying to get LL to open up some options that would be beneficial to both them and our clients. Sadly LL had refused to work with us in any way even if it would cost them a loss in more than $100,000 usd in revenue. They even have gone so far as to locking up all Regent Estates owned accounts (avatars), including the avi that would allow me to refund your $L or even to take the large amount of money sitting on an alternate account that could also be used to help with the making the transfer happen.

It has come to my attention that Linden Labs has shut all the sims down today and for this we are sorry. I am asking them to please open the sims and allow residents to get their items. I have also asked my manager to please request they be opened as well. I would encourage you to open a ticket and request they open them as well. If you are able to call them to ask for them to open the sims, please feel free to do that as well. They can be reached at 800-956-3644.

I can not express to you how sad I am to see this happen. I would have hoped that after a decade of business and more than a $1,000,000 usd spent, they would have been more willing to work something out.

Please know this is not how I would ever handle a client, long or short term and I am both sad and disappointed. I am also sad and disappointed in Regent Estates as well, for not being able to find a way to take care of our clients.

Please accept my sincere apology and heartfelt sadness. I can not even grasp that they would not allow me back online to speak my clients personally.

Thank you for all the amazing years, I do not know what else to really say in all this except I am filled with disappointment in how it was all handled.

Melody Regent
And later same day I got this IM from LL:

Group Notice From: Regent Estates, Derrick Linden

As the former estate owner did not meet their obligation to Linden Lab, the regions formerly owned by Regent Estates have been taken offline. Due to this, we are aware many of you need to pick up items from those regions. We have brought all of those regions back online until Aug 12 at noon PDT (SL time) to give you time to do so. There is no need to file a support case, and please do not call the phone number provided unless you are eligible for Concierge level support.


The only thing we can do about that is to make sure of that we dont pay in advance, and also that we have backup of all that we build in that place. If it is a grid then keep a fresh copy of the database/databases somewhere else but on the grid-server, if its full sims, then make OARs and save them somewhere only you have access to, and if its just a plot or a shop that disappears then make sure you have a copy of all your stuff in your inventory. If you are a builder then make sure that you have a copy of your builds on your PC and all your textures and your scripts. Then you can always start all over in another place, but its hard work.


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Homeless and lost!

Personally I do only trust the owners of Kitely, Inworldz, GCG and Secondlife, and in SL I only trust Anche Chung as land-baron. I am aware of though, that everything can happen and that one day my home or plots might be lost, so I always make sure that I have backup of my stuff.

But one never knows…!