OMG! Nosulus Rift…

nosulus riftNo, I didnt misspelled the name, because this is an actual thingy.
One of my favorite youtubers was invited by Ubisoft to play for them at the GamesCon in Cologne, Germany and this is what he was introduced to: The Nosulus Rift. It is so far just a kind of a joke I think, because its not in production and I doubt if it ever will be.




It works that way that you place it like the Oculus Rift, but lower….yeah, on the nose.
Then when you play a game and you press a “Fart”-button, then a “delectable” smell blows right into your nose! This is such a womderful idea…not! Well maybe someone with a perfume-company can find a use for it, but in games with blood, sweat and farts I doubt it will be a huge success.

Anyway, Look at Keralis playing South Park here: