Ohhh!!… a bird nest – Exploring 7 Days To Die


Bird Nest

Anyone who has played 7 Days to die have probably said this many times: “Ohhh!!… a bird nest”.

Some of the most important things in the early game is finding a bird nest and collect feathers, which you use to craft arrows. And those bird nests are not easy to find! They are usually hidden in the grass on the ground or behind a stone or a tree.





7-days-logoAnyway, I have thrown myself into a scary world of being hunted constantly by zombies, and its an odd game because it has this addiction-element that you dont really count on before you start to play.


20161121103412_1Its a cool graphical environment and the ambience is scary enough, so you feel very uneasy and creepy a lot of the time.

You wont be in doubt when a zombie is near, because they sound very tormented….

But there is also quiet time with birdsong, which is very nice until a zombie destroys the peace!


20161121103027_1The base-building-part is one of the fun things that you can do, and you also need to have a strategic plan for how you can and want to keep zombies out.  You are depended on making a base that can withstand the 7 days horde of zombies that comes, yeah, every 7th day. It is a voxel game (created in Unity) which means that its build with blocks. All is blocks. You build with blocks with different strength and you can upgrade the blocks too.

You can alter the terrain too (blocks) and dig deep under ground, make huge caves and live there instead of above ground. The zombies will find you eventually, anyway though. They can dig in the ground too.









At the same time you need to survive and have to eat and drink, be dressed for warm or cold, and you do also need some decent weapons that you can either craft or loot at various houses and cities around.

You also have to smelt iron ( if you got a forge), and later you can make steel. That is really needed to keep out the zombies, because they chew on everything if they can and it will quickly crumble if it isn’t strong enough.

It gets harder and harder the more days you stay, and those annoying zombies will do anything to get to you, so its a important thing to build a very solid base that they cant breach through.

hub2x hub-cityx







The looting-part is a fun part too, because at the start you for example will need the right things to be able to cook your food, and it takes a while before you are able to craft it yourself.  So quickly you find yourself running around looking for stuff in cities and houses, and when found, you go inside to look in all the trashcans, fridges, desks, cabinets and if you are lucky you will also find a gunsafe. Its really addictive somehow.

There are also different types of zombies that each has their traits. Some are easy to kill and some are harder.


Damn Dogs


Zombie Joe


Nurse Zombie














funpimps_header-1FunPimps who build this game, are still working hard on making it better. Its on early access on steam and has been that for several years now, but after the last version, Alpha 15, people got hooked on the game because its now a stable version and then Funpimps got enough capital to work harder and faster, so we will hopefully see an Alpha 16 within the next few months.

You can follow Madmole from Funpimps (Joel Huenink) videos on the progress here:



dlbackground insl_logo_colorI love the openworld games because you can explore so much. Its almost like running around and explore in a virtual world, except in games you usually have a goal for exploring. A few years ago, around halloween, I made a sim in secondlife where you could shoot zombies too. It was fun to design and build it, and I also got a combat system that wasn’t so bad, so people did come to shoot around. It was just poor animations for the zombies, where 7 days to die has mocap animations, which is much more realistic.


Well this was my attempt to describe the game and here is Funpimps description and a link to their homepage:

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mix of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth. From the ashes of the 3rd world war rises an unknown virus which transforms the surviving humans into an army of the animated dead, acting as a single-minded being. You play a survivor trapped in the savage, gritty, zombie infested world of Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth. Scavenge the abandoned cities of the build-able and destructible voxel world for supplies or explore the wilderness to gather raw materials to build your own tools, weapons, traps, fortifications and shelters. Play alone, with friends, run your own server or join others.



If you like to watch how people play this game then you can watch it on Youtube.
Here is some youtubers experience on 7 days to die: