Opensim Hypergrid – Contribute to the community in your homegrid instead

Hypergridding is the holy grail for the opensim community, apparently. I do have a perspective on that which might make you wonder why it is hyped so much.

There is no real positive explaination for why people love to hypergrid around. It is all because of some negative conditions in opensim that makes it needed for people to be able to travel between different grids.


The reasons I have seen that people usually comes up with to defend it is:
1. Your homegrid lacks good events. You have to find the good events in other grids. (Why do you stay in your boring homegrid then?)
2. Your friends lives in another grid and you want to visit once in a while. (Why dont you live in the same grid as your friends then?)
3. You cant find the content you want in your own homegrid, so you have to search for it in other grids. (Wouldnt that mean that your grid is way too small for you?)
4. You like to explore nice sims, so you travel to experience the beautiful builds and landscape around. (Wouldnt that mean that your home-grid is too small and/or too boring?)
5. You like to research a grid before you make a move there. (You dont have to stay in a grid just because you make an avatar to research, and it is always free, plus you get a better idea about how the performance is.)
6. You have your own grid and want to meet new people around. (Apparently there isnt any newcomers to your grid since you need to search for them in other places, so why do you choose to live on an isolated island if that isnt enough for you?)
7. You like your gridowners so much so that you are willing to miss out a lot just to stay with them. (well if you dont like the gridowners in other grids, why do you still visit their grids then?)

I really cant think of any positive explaination for why hypergridding is needed. It is just because of the lack of grids that contains enough elements with what people need, so they have to search for it in other grids. I am close to believe that hypergridding is what brakes the growth of opensim because of the lack of willingness to contribute to community in the homegrid.

  • So far as I can see, having choices is *never* a bad thing. A homegrid that cannot provide the “stuff” and av needs may provide events and community. Vice versa is also true.

    • Yes, you cant get it all in one grid. That is the problem and therefore you need hypergrid. You wouldnt need it if you had it all. The “bad” thing is that it is needed and not just a choice.

      • But tell me why virtual life should be any different from rl? In rl, I live on an island where I can have my farm and animals and lots of great ocean views, but I drive to Orlando to see the ballet or museums. I go to Miami for opera. The choice is that I choose to be on this island instead of in the big city full-time. I could have chosen otherwise. In virtual worlds, one could choose to be always in SL.

        • I would not compare Opensim with USA, but more a place like Uganda or so. 🙂

          Its a fortune to live in a country that has it all. There is no grid in Opensim that has it all, so you have to “travel” to see what you want. My point is though that the best would be if there was a grid that had it all and you only had to TP internal to get to the place you want.

          • Maybe I should elaborate on the Uganda thing a bit, so people dont think I am some kind of racist….lol
            Yesterday I saw a BBCshow about a british couple that chose to leave UK and had bought a plot in Uganda to start a new life there. They were very young, but well educated. They got to realise that in a place like that you have to make it yourself if you need anything, and that made me think of Opensim and hypergrid. Its a bit the same when you come from the rich SL and move to Opensim. You need to search hard to find what you need or to make it yourself if you can. The young couple had a little 3 month old child and when they gave birth to him they had to go back to UK to make sure that they got the right treatment and got the stuff they needed to make him safe, but still they returned to Uganda with him even that there was a 2½ hour drive to nearest doctor. Thats damn risky, I think. But we also live with a little risk in Opensim for losing our money, and yet we are still here.

          • Vinstor

            If SL was so much richer and better, maybe you’d be happier going back there?

            Not trying to be snarky. I genuinely don’t understand your position. It sounds like you’re simply unhappy in OS, but rather than addressing the real issue, you’re attacking the hypergrid.

          • You use some very sharp words, attack, unhappy, go back….lol
            Back to the topic. Contribute to your homegrid first. Make your own grid great again, and THEN you can hypergrid.

          • Vinstor

            “Make your own grid great again…?” Donald? Is that you?

            Now I know this is a joke. And a bad one at that.

          • lol…you started with the politics.

          • Vinstor

            But there is, effectively, a grid that “has it all.” It’s called the hypergrid. I don’t see the objection.

          • If there is an “objection” here then its just that you spread out your interest all over instead of focus on your homegrid. That makes the whole opensim watered out because there is too little incitament to contribute in peoples own homegrid.

          • See the thing is this (and call me selfish if you like– so be it) — I do virtual worlds for my own purposes, not the purposes of any single grid owner. I try to support good grid owners when they are willing to support my support in the form in which I offer it, but really, in the end, my virtual life is all about *me.* I am not even slightly chagrined about saying that. I do what I do in virtual worlds because it is meaningful to me. Some of what I do furthers my rl professional and personal goals. Grid owners run businesses (however small they might be) and are under no obligation to support *my* personal or professional goals. Likewise, I am under no obligation to support theirs to the exclusion of all others. Professionally, in rl, I am a musician and author. I use virtual worlds as a way to get inspiration and more performance opportunities than my rl health allows. *No* single grid (not even SL) gives me all that I want to get out of my virtual life. Therefore, I am active on many grids and, at this time, own land and “businesses” on three grids. The idealistic part of me prefers Opensim, but the reality is there are characteristics of Opensim that make event planning and performances *much* harder than it is in SL or IW. IW has limitations of an entirely different kind and SL is limited in its limitlessness. IOW, there are already so many event planners and performers and authors in SL that is hard to be heard above the din.

            You can call what I do “spreading out” which has sort of a negative ring to it, but I prefer to think of it as embracing the totality of what is possible in virtual worlds.

          • BTW, for anyone who does not realize– I am Freda Frostbite and Jezebel Magic in VWs. I am not at all sure how this account came to be listed under my real name. Can’t even remember opening it so have no memory of why I did it that way.

          • Han Held

            I see the objection; but I don’t see it having any merit.

  • Vinstor

    Why would I want to stay in one grid, no matter how great it is? And why should I have to create 9347 avatars (with attendant names, passwords, inventories, etc.) just to travel? Some grids specialize. This is not a bad thing. I can travel to visit them at will. This, too, is not a bad thing.

    Your argument, such as it is, sounds largely like the RL ultra-nationalism currently gripping too many countries around the world. Most of us reject that philosophy in VW as well as in RL. I’d simply add that, if you don’t like hypergridding, then don’t hypergrid. No need to rant about it to the rest of us.

    • Its not a rant. Its an opinion, and you are welcome to try to enlighten me. So far you havent managed to do that. Why does RL politics have to sneak in all over the place these days? It makes it really hard to keep a conversation on a decent plane. Anyway I live in the EU with open borders and I like that.
      Now back to topic. You have to look at your homegrid as a place that has to be developed. You can help doing that by contributing to it by visiting the places in YOUR grid, buying the stuff in YOUR grid, participate in events in YOUR grid. Otherwise you contribute to develop the other grids. That isnt really fair towards your gridowner, right?

      • Han Held

        >Anyway I live in the EU with open borders and I like that.

        But yet you don’t like the hypergrid. Hmmm…

        Everyone should stick to their own grid and …I presume…their own kind?

        No thanks.
        “Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world then the pride that divides when a colorful flag is unfurled” (Rush) …just as true for opensim and the hypergrid as it is for the real world.

      • Fli Girl

        My question is why can’t a person do both, contribute explore and socialize in your home grid as well as explore hypergrid? That’s exactly how I do it., I reject the idea that because I like to see new places that I am not contributing to my home grid..
        But I guess to me this whole post is pointless if you do not like the idea of hypergrid join a closed grid community., there are plenty., No one in hypergrid says you have to join a hypergrid enabled community..
        I’m in no way trying to be rude it just seems pretty simple to me. Then like all things supply and demand will take over, if enough ppl feel the way you do closed grids will grow if more ppl feel like I do hypergrid enabled grids will grow..

        • Its not that I dont like hypergridding. I do understand that you as an individual enjoys that. But if I was a gridowner and my residents all the time participated in events in other grids instead of supporting my own grids events then I would be kind of sad. Thanks for not being rude 🙂

  • Susannah Avonside

    There are many reasons why people choose to Hypergrid, and most of that
    is to do with freedom. You seem to be under the misapprehension that
    most of us are using Open Simulator for social reasons, and whilst there
    are certainly some who are using Open Simulator to socialise, most of
    us are not. I use a Hypergrid enabled standalone due to wanting to be in
    complete control of my own virtual existence, ensuring that whatever I
    create remains under my control. and that I can control exactly who
    visits my standalone.

    You are also seem to completely miss the
    point about Hypergrid. If you’d not been lazy, (as well as
    semi-literate) and done some basic research into the origins of Open
    Simulator you would have discovered that Hypergrid is part of the basic
    philosophy behind Open Simulator. How on earth could there be a 3D web
    without Hypergrid as protocol to enable people to navigate between the
    plethora of 3D websites (HG enabled grids and standalones).

    basic argument against Hypergird is similar to someone arguing that the
    World Wide Web was an unnecessary development as AOL or Compuserve were
    good enough. I think that analogy is sufficient to make the case for
    Hypergrid being an important, and integral part of Open Simulator.

    has also to be emphasised that freedom to use Open Simulator however
    you want is a big part of the attraction to many of us. We can set our
    won rules, and don’t need to be bound by the often petty restrictions
    imposed by commercial grids, or grids run by supposedly benign
    dictators. Take my use of Open Simulator. I just wouldn’t be able to do
    what I do on a grid like Second Life, not only do I not have the huge
    sums of money it would take to do what I do there, but even if I did, I
    still wouldn’t be able to do what I do there, as it’s not technically
    feasible. there are no var regions in SL. Though the technical
    restrictions are not present on most Open Simulator grids, the cost
    limitations are. Even at a modest $20 a month per region I still would
    not be able to do what I do on a hosted grid, as I sometimes run land
    areas that are equivalent to hundreds of regions, and I need the
    flexibility to do that at a price I can both afford and justify.
    Hyoergrid is integral to that. Without Hypergrid I would not be able to
    achieve what I do..

    Your argument also falls down when you seem
    to be under the impression that we should all somehow be in one huge
    grid. This is problematical in that many of us do move from one grid to
    another, or decide to run things for ourselves after having had a less
    than optimal experience on one grid or more. Some people like to remain
    in a grid environment, though with the existence of Hypergrid, it
    escapes me as to why people should want to join a grid environment – but
    that’s a choice for them, and I am not challenging that. If they are
    happy, then that’s great. But grids have rules, and some of them have
    rules that some don’t like, or perhaps, like me, some people just prefer
    to run things for themselves, but still want the freedom to travel

    With Hypergird it doesn’t matter whether you are located
    on a traditional grid, or on a personal standalone running your PC at
    home, you can teleport to other places just as if you were on a huge
    grid – and that’s the point of Hypergrid.

    You could liken the
    different grids and standalones to different countries, (and some are
    really like different countries, as they have different languages as the
    main language on the grid) where there are considerable differences in
    culture etc. The whole world isn’t the USA! (And thank goodness for
    that!!) and not everyone wants to be tied down to one grid, and many of
    us like to travel in our virtual lives as much as we do in our real

    Perhaps the biggest flaw in your diatribe is your
    assertion that there is a lack of willingness to contribute to the
    community. You aren’t very bright are you? If it wasn’t for people
    making often huge commitments to the Open Simulator community Open
    Simulator literally wouldn’t exist. Hypergrid itself was contributed by
    Diva Canto, and the OAR and IAR archive file system was donated by
    Justin CC. And lots of code has just in the past year been contributed
    to the Open simulator community by Melanie Thielker so that we’ll have
    lots of interesting features, such as vehicles able to cross region
    boundaries, and support a really nice physics engine. Many more people
    have contributed to the Open Simulator community in lots of different
    ways, Linda Kellie has created a lot of content, all given free to the
    Open Simulator community. So to suggest that people lack willingness to
    contribute to the community is at best disingenuous and at worst
    downright rude and insulting.

    Finallly, and to quote you:

    “There is no real positive explaination for why people love to
    hypergrid around. It is all because of some negative conditions in
    opensim that makes it needed for people to be able to travel between
    different grids.”

    How can you assert such? You may not have an
    explanation, but as we already know, you don’t seem too well endowed
    with grey matter, and seem completely incapable of seeing things from
    the perspective of others. If you don’t like Hypergrid, that’s fine,
    just sod off back to Second Life and stay there in your largely brain
    dead, sex obsessed closed garden enclave that is set to disappear just
    as soon as Linden Labs can no longer make a profit out of it – and with
    Sansar coming on stream quite soon, I don’t hink it will be too many
    years from now that Second Life will be history.

    A similar fate
    could be in store for Open Simulator too, but hey, we have Hypergrid,
    and so we don’t need to rely on dodgy capitalist enteprises to keep
    going, Open Simulator will keep going as long as there are people who
    want to use it, and Hypergrid is the glue that will allow us to do it.
    It may even be that Open Simulator will receive lots of ‘refugees’ as
    Second Life slowly winds down, people well aware of how ‘old’ the
    technology is, but for whom it is adequate. Hypergrid will almost
    certainly be an essential ingredient if there is to be a social
    experience at all, as by the time that happens it’s unlikely that any
    commercial hosting will be financially viable, and that will leave just
    home or institutional hosting, which relies on Hypergrid to be viable.

    time you decide to start holding forth about something, please make
    sure you actually know what you’re talking about. To do otherwise makes
    you look pretty stupid… Oh, wait…

    • Han Held

      Well said, very well put. I couldn’t agree more.

      Hypergrid needs no justification; there are plenty of alternatives for those who are scared of it. Inworldz and Secondlife come to mind.

      As far as this screed goes,though? Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell …an ulterior motive that I can’t be fucked to get to the bottom of. (clickbait? commercial interests thwarted by the hypergrid? who knows)

      • Han Held

        Suddenly, Susannah Avonside’s comment has been sent to moderation.

        **someone’s** jealous both of her eloquence, and the fact she’s right.

        Censorship is the last refuge of the incompetent. If you’re so sure of your points, restore her post! If not, perhaps you should consider correcting where you are wrong, instead of silencing her because she’s right!

        [edited to correct spelling; Avonside, not Avondale]

        • Vinstor

          Methinks you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head! Well done!

        • Well its not me. I was asleep. It happened in the middle of the night here, so it must be disqus itself that maybe thought the language was too strong.

        • Susannah Avonside

          Thanks for your kind words. I was just a tad angry when I wrote those
          words, and perhaps my words weren’t as eloquent, (or as elegant) as they
          could have been. I do feel extremely strongly about Open Simulator and
          Hypergrid, as I believe the two to be indivisible. and for me there
          would be little appeal in Open Simulator if there was no Hypergrid.

          may have been a little harsh in some of the language I used, as I now
          realise that the author of the blog is a non-native speaker of English,
          and not a US citizen, (or an average UK citizen, come to that!). It’s
          sometimes hard to tell when poor grammar and syntax are involved. So I
          apologise if it is felt that I was insulting the blog author’s language
          skills – but it remains a remarkably silly, ill considered post, in my
          opnion. There are just too many contradictions, and the authors
          subsequent replies to comments just reinforces those contradictions,
          almost as if she is arguing against herself. It’s seeming like she’s
          pretty much painting herself into a corner!

          Much of the criticism
          of the Open Simulator community could equally be applied to the entire
          open source community, which though chaotic, fractious, often
          belligerent and sometimes quite nasty, seems to work. probably because
          if you fall out with someone, or some group, you can always go away and
          start or join another group, and fork the project you were originally
          involved with. It creates diversity, and and if it’s chaotic and
          confusing, that’s because it’s run by human beings, who are chaotic and
          confusing, and that’s just highlighting the good qualities! And yes,
          it’s also anarchistic, which whilst may be anathema to controlling
          types, for most of us, it represents an ideal.

    • You are extremely rude, and for me it seems that your words are only for your own audience. I doubt that you normally talks to people, that you dont know, like this in RL.
      I do understand that Hypergrid is a good thing for the individual, but my point is that it is not good for Opensim as a whole. I have already explained why I think that in other comments, so I wont repeat.
      I also think that it is important that the Opensim community starts to think differently and do not settle with that only a few people do something to make it better. There should be a clear demand on that people contribute to the place THEY LIVE IN first, to consolidate the community there and when that is done then starts to contribute to the rest of the world.
      Its just my opinion. There is no need to go in to a total state of panic, because I can change anything anyway. I just try to plant a little seed in peoples mind to start to think differently, because the old way of thinking doesnt work.

      • Susannah Avonside

        How arrogant! I was pretty rude, and I make no apology for that, as
        your initial post was extremely rude and insulting to those of us who
        value freedom. For that is what Hypergrid on Open Sim represents. You
        have the freedom to use Hypergrid, or not. If you don’t want to use it,
        then why not go and ‘live’ in InWorldz, or Second Life?

        As I
        explained in my response to you, Hypergird is an integral part of Open
        Simulator, if you consider the fundamental purpose of Open Simulator.

        for your assertion as to why Hypergrid is bad for Open Simulator, you
        don’t actually say why exactly it is bad for Open Simulator. Most people
        would see Hypergrid as a huge asset for Open Simulator in that it
        allows people to create and share those creations, whatever they are, in
        a way that is pretty equitable, whilst allowing about as much freedom
        as anyone could wish for.

        Just who do you think you are,
        suggesting that there should be a ‘…a clear demand on that people
        contribute to the place THEY LIVE IN”? Are you the kind of person who
        thinks totalitarianism is just fine? You certainly sound as if you are
        pretty comfortable with that kind of idea.

        For most of us, the
        whole Open Simulator community is just that, our community, to which
        many of us contribute very freely, so we are in fact contributing to our
        community – which is the whole Open Simulator Metaverse. We may be from
        different countries, and different language communities, but the vast
        majority of us are also internationalists, so we see that the whole Open
        Simulator community is ours, and there is no ‘them and us’ situation.
        The real world is in increasingly desperate need of a community like the
        Open Simulator community, which isn’t perfect by a long way, but it
        does mean that if we fall out and disagree with one grid or close
        community we can easily move to somewhere else, yet keep communications

        You seem to be promoting the idea that each grid should be
        the virtual world equivalent of North Korea! We already have places
        like Second Life, and InWorldz, which seem to be in gradual decline,
        whilst the Open Metaverse, Hypergrid enabled, seems to be experiencing
        moderate growth.

  • Han Held

    Many people never leave their one-horse town, either.

    If you’re one of those, more power to you -I guess.

    Other people like to travel and see different ways different people do things, different expressions, different interests, cultures and sensibilities. For that, we use the Hypergrid -and more power to us, as well.

    Your screed isn’t particularly convincing. It reads too much like “STOP LIKING THINGS I DON’T LIKE” for my tastes, personally.

  • Sort of like choosing a city to live in. I like my small town in the mountains. My best friend loves her tiny flat in the huge city. We visit back and forth. I chose my base HG grid because of the stability and great price. However I have friends that are the independent sort and want to be in charge of their own stuff – their OAR’s and all that. I have friends that want to be on super social grids. Sometimes i feel social, sometimes I just want to work on my roleplay town. People don’t want to be trapped in their own city – they want freedom to travel (this is why trains, planes and automobiles are great 😀 ) — likewise with a virtual home. Having choices, and being able to explore them is great.

    • Yeah I do understand that it is nice to be able to move around. I dont see a grid as a city. I see it more as a country, with a lot of cities. There are many sims in for example Kitely, but unfortunately the community there is almost not existing. I think that is because of people using the Kitely market that demands you have an avatar there, yet people dont really want to be a part of the Kitely community because its too boring, so they go there to work and go back to their homegrid, Its probably good for ther homegrid, but its a shame for Kitely. If Kitely for example started to demand that if people wanted to use the marketplace as a merchant that they also have to contribute to the community there, then Kitely would probably have been more lively. Its all theory, I know.

  • Sunbeam Magic

    I enjoy Hypergridding because I get to see so many amazing, awesome builds and the explore the imagination of so many that I would not of otherwise seen without HG! and I’ve met so many nice folks from other countries around the globe that I might never of met. I find Hypergridding to be a very positive aspect of my virtual life at the same time as I adore my home grid and support them 100%. Imagine not being able to fly over to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower because you live in the USA, or the Pyramids or other many wonders of the EARTH world. Hypergridding is like that to me, being able to experience the world in all it’s glory! oh not to mention there would be no HG VISIONZ which I love to publish and highlight different grids and the folks who have shared their heart and soul with us through their creations. Thank you!

    • Yeah Sunbeam. You are one of those that really contribute to opensim both in your nice way of being, and in your great work.
      Wouldnt it be nice if you didnt have to go to Paris to see Eiffeltower, because someone buildt it in your own homegrid though? That is the possibility in Opensim, but not in RL. We do keep to compare it with RL, but it isnt really.

      • Sunbeam Magic

        If someone built the Eiffel Tower in my own home grid, I would still have to hop over to their region. I see no difference in hopping to an HG region that may have the Eiffel Tower, everything is just a hop, skip and a jump ‘close’ in the Hyperverse.

      • Hi Xzari-) I just wanted to add a few words. Firstly I agree Sunbeam contributes greatly to Opensim, OS without her would be lessened. I am a bit biased of course lol.

        You might not know that she was doing the same thing for inworldz before Beth/Elenia removed her account access for no reason other than she was married to her husband, whom we affectionately call “The Dude”..and sometimes say, “the dude abides” which likely is a was group in that grid, now removed, tho if not it would be fun to know eh Sunbeam lol. The Dude had done nothing wrong either, as their TOS change after the incident was to include the officially stated reason they were gone.

        Second I have to say that others insulting you directly really wasn’t necessary. You have done no insulting to others.

        Equally I feel you are one of the, what I call, innocents, of the Metaverse. I was rather surprised to even find your blog and see you expressing your opinion about, you must have understood, such a hot button current topic.

        I speak other than concerning SL as it hasn’t interested me in some years now. SL is large enough to have all sorts of communities that can be vibrant without even having to do with the rest of SL if a person wanted.

        This is not the case with any other of the OS places out there. You have the few closed grids that are really just much smaller than SL trying to copy their business model that obviously is not working anymore, for anyone. But closed grids being so small have only some individuals whose talent shines among the otherwise rather boring landscape.

        I do understand what you are trying to say here but let me try to explain what I think is the issue.

        There are of course many people who like and support the closed grid type of places, tho of course there is incontrovertible truth that they have been in decline for several years, while those connected to the hypergrid, what I call the Hyperverse, have been growing.

        One of the problems with closed grids, imo, is that they are really just the vision of their owners, who decide the direction of the grid and keep things on target. It is typically their vision and words related to that, that most residents use as talking points outside of those grids.

        People who do not like the way one of the small SL style grids are run, leave, and/or are banned rather quickly.

        This leads to a very samish worldview which tinges their perspective of the rest of the Meta. ( ex. One Thanksgiving guest was behaving in a very samish manner by going on and on about how their mashed potatoes are much better than those being served.)

        But there is nothing wrong about that, people feel that way about the country they live in, to the house they live in, etc.

        The root of you missive, I think, and if you don’t mind, the point about the possibilities inherent to the hypergrid as we know it now.

        Other than in SL there simply is not enough people involved in closed grids to form individual groups of likewise mindthink to be much viable. There are some such groups around of course, but by being in a closed grid they greatly limit themselves to a pointless exercise in futility.

        What you get in hypergrid connected places is like Francogrid, for example. They are a French grid, the people in it, their culture is quite different in many aspects than Americans. So when you HG over to them you get an entirely different viewpoint which can be quite fascinating.

        Then you have Craft-World, an Italian grid for which the flavor of Italy is felt throughout it and from the Owners.

        Then there is Metropolis, which is German based.

        You simply cannot have those kinds of communities in closed systems. And you could not expect others to make a local account in them simply to come to some event or visit people they know, the hypergrid connects them all if very favorable ways. Those travelers may decide to join the grid and make those local accounts after being able to freely explore.

        And the last point I would like to make in my typically longer than needed comment lol…is that the hypergrid fosters a freedom of expression unable to be obtained in any closed grid atmosphere. It does take a certain twist of the mind to understand this, and it is not for everybody. But it is the bottom truth of it all.

        None of this precludes that people are free to join any other grids they wish to and many I know spend considerable time in SL also. regards♥

        • Thanks for have taken time to respond here Mine. I always appreciate your post around, even the long ones. 🙂
          Yes I know its a hot topic, and as I write in my post it seems to be the holy grail.
          To be honest I do think its about time that people stop reacting like mad people every time someone post anything that indicates a disagreement. Its all over the place, that when someone tries to raise a problem or maybe even solve a known problem, then they are bashed to death. It has to stop and I will probably make a special post about that in the future. Maybe…lol

          My point is not about closed grids, or SL. I dont want it all to be closed grids, because I like open borders. The problem as I especially see here in the comments is that people dont act like Opensim is a common project. Its their own little project and they dont care about how the state of the whole Opensim really is. Yes there is some sort of collaboration about the technical side, and yet people have a hard time agreeing on anything anyway.

          My point is that if people starts to collaborate internal in their homegrids and support it so it can grow and be better, then there will be something to build on, related to the whole Opensim community.
          As it is now it is way to fractal and also way too hostile towards people who try to make the Opensim project to a place where everyone wants to be.
          I think the right thing to do is to start building up relations in your own grid to build on and then form alliances with other grids about what to do next.

          Another problem is the freedom as you mention too. Freedom to start joining Inworldz, then move to GCG because of cheap plots, then move to digiworldz because of cheaper plots, then move to alife grid because of free plots, and so. All the grids suffor in some way under a high influx and then they suffor again under a high departure. Its their own fault I know, but somehow it should be possible to control in collaboration within the opensim project, perhaps by demanding that people do contribute to the grid they join, in a certain degree.

          Well this was a long answer. Hope you got all to the end without falling asleep.
          Hugs ♥

          • hehehe, getting close to my tired time but not yet haha-)

            Thank you that you like my posts. The funny thing is that in real life I am quite a hermit now…I suppose all this gives me some kind of outlet to write (which I always enjoyed doing) but also about a topic in general that I think I have evolved to understand, more the human side than the tech side.

            What humans do is much more important than if some tech has this gizmo or that shiney that they want to talk about. Notice I said much more important, which means I still understand tech stuff has it’s place in this whole mess, just as well as commercial interests v. free Meta people have their own levels of importance.

            The problem with your “Another problem is the freedom as you mention too. Freedom to start joining Inworldz, then move to GCG because of cheap plots, then move to digiworldz because of cheaper plots, then move to alife grid because of free plots, and so. All the grids suffor in some way under a high influx and then they suffor again under a high departure. Its their own fault I know, but somehow it should be possible to control in collaboration within the opensim project, perhaps by demanding that people do contribute to the grid they join, in a certain degree.”

            is that little thing called freedom, while we can paint a broad brush and say there are those who like freedom and those who do not (i.e. open v. closed grids), there really is much more to that than is easily apparent or easily discussed.

            But the single fact as you mention people making accounts here and there is the tip of the iceburg to what I think of as freedom. And having the freedom to HG, or not, is part of that. You don’t get that choice in closed grids, all you can do is just tp from place to place and once you have seen them all, there isn’t anything else to see unless one leaves that particular closed grid and makes a single avatar in one hypergrid enabled grid, or runs their own simulator instance(s), which is another facet of freedom.

            I only use my avies I made in one grid on the HG, Metropolis, as then there is not need to do more, anymore. One can say the act of going from one grid to another is simply logging out of one and logging into another, but for those who “get it” about hypergridding, I have talked to many who find it amazing…no single closed grid can come close. And if you can get past the “malls everywhere but not enough creators to fill them” mentality, what’s really left?

            So as with events. Every single commercial grid that has enabled the hypergrid, but is still a commercial grid, has the limits imposed upon them related to various perms stuffs, and as well their events are always pretty much the same SL format.

            You can get away from that mindthink once a person is exposed to the HG and the sky is the limit in so many ways.

            For example, I have a 4×4 16 old style region varregion in Metropolis. I am not active all that much anymore but I save all my region builds to my computer in OARs. I could, if I wanted, create an awesome club in the middle of the 16 using the rest as places to roam and to cuddle in, in very large old region style sizes. Then when I get bored of that, save it and start all over, or if I want to, just upload one of my other OARs, or ones shared all over the hyperverse, in a matter of minutes.

            Currently I have a massive build in the central area of that var and the rest is mostly water. Which I think is pretty darn cool.

            But in any case, I do agree it is fractured all over in all this. But it is simply human nature really. People promoting their own things they think are best, and others pointing how that is not true, or pointing out their own thing. If it was more structured you would just be making another SL, which doesn’t really make any sense to me.


          • I think my tired time came to me several hours ago…lol
            Anyway, freedom is fine if it doesnt come with a cost. In this case I think the Opensim project pays the cost.
            I am not going to spend any more time on this subject. I have explained around in the comments what I think would be good for Opensim, and let it rest there. I have never imagined that I was able to change anything anyway, but maybe a little spore could grow within some reader, who later thought of it as a good thing to continue to work with.

            About building, I have had so many different buildings, plots and sims in SL the last almost 10 years so that I have burned out. My inventory is filled up with stuff and I have spent a fortune. It was fun though.
            Instead I do play survival games these days, where you can build too…as it is better…not….lol, well its very different when you also have to fight zombies in the middle of building a base.

            Hope to see your writing around soon again