Age is not really a problem!

For some re0_street_views_-_portobello_road_looking_e_elderly_people_zoom_in_082296ason many people think that playing a videogame or living a virtual life is something for young people. That is probably because the virtual entertaining haven’t existed that long, and older people is more or less known to decline new systems and technology because of the harder learningcurve than the ease of turning on a TV.
Well, I have news for you….this is not correct!


According to Statista ( there are just as many people playing games as younger people. This is the result from a survey they did:

Age breakdown of video game players in the United States in 2016 

age gameplayers statistic

The 36 to 49 years oldies are probably busy with kids and career, so that might explain the lower number.

me sl_001

Me in Secondlife

me in ark

Me in Ark

Anyway, age is really not existing in a virtual world or an online game. People has anonymous characters that looks young and healthy and they do rarely reveal their real age or gender. Ok, you can get an old person look in Second Life, but for some reason there isnt many that use them. Everyone is young, pretty, highly styled and cool looking. In games there are usually not as many choices to style your character as in a virtual world, but the characters do always look young.


So you will never know who you meet in an online-world. It can be a young person, old person, physcial handicapped person, mentally handicapped person, skinny person, overweight person, beauty-princess, bodybuilder, famouse person or even a kid…..

And you know what? It doesnt matter at all, because its all about how you interact with other people. Old people can have a young mind and young people can be precocious.

We are though affected by what we see and maybe thats why everyone wants to look young. It could be interesting to make an experiment in Second Life to see if people interact different towards an old character than to a young one.  If you have any experience with this then tell about it in the comments.