Bugs, bugs, bugs…Oh how I hate bugs!


He is kind of cute, isnt he?

And no its not about little flying things, but its about errors in scripts, also called bugs.
It is not uncommon that programmers make little bugs in their programs. Its very easy to overlook a statement that is wrongly made, or maybe even forgotton. It is therefore important to test every little corner of the script to make sure everything works as intended. And I usually do that, very thoroughly….
Ok, I’ll admit its not always as thoroughly as it should be, and then little bugs appear from time to time. Fortunately its usually small bugs that people really dont notice or dont care about.


But…the other day I had a customer in another world than SL telling me that the new and shiny sun-system, that I made several years ago, didnt work properly. I rushed in to investigate and to my big surprise I realize that this must have been an issue ever since I launced the new versions with the sun-system. I dont think I have ever made such a failure with a new functionality in my curtains ever before. Its sooo embarrassing….
Anyway the bug is found in the curtains that can open both in width (retract) and in length (up or down). There is both a sun-system to activate in the retract-menu and one in the Up/down menu. If you turn on the sun-system for retract, then it will normally only activate the sun-system for retract, and the same goes for up/down, but the bug causes it to activate both systems on the same time, no matter what system you choose to activate. That is not supposed to happen and it looks stupid!

If you have bought a curtain with sun-system and you have discovered that it doesnt work properly, then please contact me in the world you bought it, and I will send a fixed version to you.
I am in the middle of a huge process with updating all my curtains so the shops around have a properly working demo, but it takes time. So far I have started with SL, then I will take Inworldz and last Kitely.
Just IM me if you want a new version and I make it for you on the spot.