Oh noo…the online-numbers are declining!

double_facepalmToday I wrote a post in the Inworldz forum, because I got inspired by the subject about the decline in the online-numbers and that nobody is online on peoples friendslist.
Time has changed, and we as VR-people has changed too. Now I am not an expert at all, I just see what I see. What was fun years ago isnt fun anymore and the wow-factor is declining fast these days too, especially for me.

I have recently started to play an online-game. I would not have thought that I could ever think that it could be fun, because the many input you got from SL and other worlds has been fulfilling in many aspects. Now I realise that what ever we have done in a virtual world, like meeting, dancing, creating, being social, have events and so also actually exists in an online game. Ok there is a huge lack of animations but people are extremely creative in that way, and there are little systems to enhance the social gatering and the game-developers are also good at building in little social features to make people connect and have fun together.

Ok, this is not supposed to be advertising or anything, but when I compare Virtual worlds and certain online games, then there isnt much in virtual worlds anymore that cant be fulfilled in a game and in a game you have all sorts of challenges too to overcome. Many games are now sandbox-games or open-world games where you can explore and live your game-life just as you please. Why should people choose a virtual world with primitive graphics and no decent physic when they can get it all in a game?

In the old days we could advertise with the social aspect to get people to come and join, and we could also sell Virtual worlds as a place to make money, but now you can make money in games too, if you are creative enough to find a way to make people pay for something they want and that you got. You can also very easy find new friends, both old as young. Its like there isnt any incentive for people to join that is special for Virtual worlds. Its not unique anymore. Not enough unique anyway.

We need to find the special things to use to lure people in with. Fashion is an area that could be unique if there was some more attention on the area in a way like real life fashion. More fashion shows and designer contests and other stuff I dont have a clue about because I am not fashion-person anymway. Its just an example.

There is a new G+ group that has just started and that I have joined. Its called “Promotion for virtual worlds and everything in ’em” Maybe its a good idea to start some kind of joint venture with other worlds to find the unique things that we can use to advertise with.