New game! Planet Coaster – Park Building and simulation

GameSummerNews 2016 – Park Building and simulation: Planet Coaster
planetcoaster 9d

It has been a long waiting for a new good rollercoaster-building game, since Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 which is from 2004. But now its finally on its way.

Planet Coaster is a alpha-game in the making by Frontier, the same company that made RTC 3 and the expansions for RTC 2, together with Atari.


Planet Coaster is a step up when it comes to building, because its made in a way, so that it is extremely easy to build, and we can build both rollarcoasters and buildings, the terrain can be shaped and there are a lot of animated stuff to decorate with. There are also several premade parks to play with and of course a sandbox to build your own park. I hope they also make a campaign, because I always prefer to play campaigns before going to a sandbox or a premade environment. Campaigns are the best tutorials even if there is a specific tutorial.

I discovered the game on Youtube where people aready have started to play the Early Access game, that is available at the games homepage. Its not on Steam yet and is not expected to go there until Q3.
This is one of the videos I found:


planet coaster 2

Playermade park.

As in RTC 3 you can configure the rides and there will be an economic simulation too, so it is possible to make money from the visitors and to see how they feel about a ride. The interface is more intuative, and it seems very easy to learn, even though there are a lot of options to configure and several ways to twist and turn a ride.

planet coaster 6

This turtle is made from editing the terrain!

The terrain editing functionality is the best sculpt-tool I have ever seen in any game or sculpt-tool at all. Its so easy to shape the ground into whatever you want it to be and it is also possible to paint the ground with many options to choose from, so we can get the perfect look. It is like a mix of Sims 4 and Maya.

planet coaster 9a

Cool Castle.

The building tool is also intuitive and very easy to learn, even that you have a wealth of content to mix and stack. Everything can be copied so you dont have to build the same thing more than once. To build a rollercoaster is so easy so you can twist and turn it around like it was made of rubber. Its great how it can interact with the buildings and also the terrain, because you can build under ground too and it automatically makes tunnels for you.

planetcoaster 9b

OMG! There are some very awesome builders. Look at this…

planetcoaster 7

Everything can be colored.








planetcoaster 9c

Yiieeehhh !!

Of course there are little people that can ride on your rides, and it seems they have a lot of fun. You can also ride it yourself.


planetcoaster 8

Looks very inviting…

Here is the description of the game from the homepage:
Planet Coaster is the future of coaster park simulation games.
We’ve created a living world where every guest is an individual with their own personality and money in their pocket. We’re giving you limitless freedom to build rides and scenery piece by piece, and to seamlessly blend them with your own hand-sculpted terrain. We’re building a connected global village where everyone can share in your creativity. And that’s just the start. The homepage of this game:

P.S. There is also a new version of RollerCoaster Tycoon coming out soon, called RollerCoaster Tycoon World. It is again Atari with another little LLC  who is responsible for that. So far its not even worth a look, so hopefully they will soon step up a bit to make this better than the old version.

P.S.S. I am not paid by Frontier and I do not have any interest in promoting this game, except for my own pleasure and exitement about the game.