New to Virtual Worlds?

New dimension on reality?

Have you ever thought of getting a new dimension on reality?
If not, then a virtual world might be your new gateway to adventure.

fantasy-639115_1280We all do it from time to time. We do escape from reality either by watching a movie, read a book, or play a role in a roleplay-game. To get a new dimension on this kind of escape, you should try to live a 3D life in a virtual world.


The neverending inspiration!

Be inspired of how much diversity and creativity there is in a virtual world, and how easy it is to meet people from all over the world without having to sit in a plane for many hours.
Be inspired to live your own fantastic virtual life. Be inspired to build your own house, to make your own dress or to start a new virtual business.



It is all up to you how you want to live your virtual life. You can be a faery, you can look young or old, beautiful or ugly, or you can be a horse, a fox, a robot or whatever is included in your fantasy.
Start a virtual exploring and be inspired.







What can you do in a virtual world?

You can meet new friends, or go to a fun event somewhere, or you can start learning how to build and create your own 3D creations.
You can present your virtual self in many ways. You can be male or female, young, old, pretty, ugly, a wolf, a faery, or maybe even a robot.


Dance the night away:

Want to be a vitual zombie?:

Join a community/Group:



Fashion in virtual worldsswanee1

Clothing and apparel are the biggest industry in virtual worlds. People want their avatar to look good and don’t mind spending a lot of money on that. Hair, skin and shoes are also something that is under the influence of trends and fashion. There are virtual magazines that show the lates from the big designers and there are models showing the cloth in big fashion shows. At first you dont need to pay a fortune to look good. Many designers makes freebies (free stuff) that you can grab and wear, but then you have to be prepared of meeting someone with the same dress as you.





No danger…

Dont worry about moving around in the virtual city at night. You can’t be harmed in any way. If someone say something not nice to you then just mute and/or TP (teleport) somewhere else.



Protect your real life.

You never know who you meet in a virtual world, because everybody can be anonymous. It is therefore a good idea to never give away your real life information of any kind, to anyone. Do not share anything about you unless you are absolutely sure that you know who you share it with, and that can be a challenge to be able to know fully. Follow the normal rules for internet-behavior and you should be safe.

More about virtual security:



How to start a new life?

800px-OpenSim0Become a resident in the a Virtual World somewhere, and start your new virtual life now.
Today there are many virtual worlds around. It might be easy to get a little lost when you try to decide where to settle down.

<—- This is Ruth. The default starter avatar in many worlds. Some worlds do have some very nice avatars that you can choose instead of Ruth, though.