Virtual Dreamhome

I would love a full sim filled with “dreamhomes”, wonderful and pretty houses and gardens that is filled with quality-interior and designed by a real interior designer, and gardens designed by a gardener and of course with curtains designed by me. This project would be a perfect collaboration-project with landscape-designers, creators of houses, home-decor and garden-stuff and probably many more profiles.

I was inspired to think this thought by a TV-show with 2 Canadian brothers (twins) where they can turn an old shack into a lovely modern home that people really want to live in and feel good about. Then I thought that it could be a new kind of mall in a virtual world, where you get to see the things in a perspective and where you can be inspired to make your own dreamhome.

It could be so much fun to make and especially to see the result of that when its done. Think of visiting a nice landscaped sim with a lot of beautiful houses and gardens and modern style and maybe old vintage style, where you can buy it all or maybe get some of it as a freebie too. It will be the coolest showroom to visit.

To keep costs down and to take advantage of the Kitely Market that sells to many grids, then I would prefer that it should be developed in Kitely.


To make this happen there are a lot of stuff to-do. It will require several sub-projects that I will list here:

Initial phase:

Find the right people to participate in the project. (Right people means motivated, interested and capable)
Decide who does what


Planning phase:

Make plan for landscaping
Decide what types of houses that is suitable
Make house-layouts
Make garden-layouts
Make plan for interior-design for each house and each room
Make marketing-plan


Creating phase:

Create landscape
Create Houses
Create interior
Create garden-things



Rezz houses according to landscape-plan
Build gardens according to garden-layout
Rezz interior according to interior design-plan



Perform marketing according to marketing-plan