About Xzari Curtains

Xzari Curtains was established early 2008. It started in a casual building with a few texture on a prim-curtains, among other home-made things that was set for sale, to help paying the rent for the sim it was located in. The only things that was sold in that little shop-like room, was the curtains. Apparently people liked them and after a few months shops were rented around in different malls with the limited selection of Xzari Curtains. Textures was build in gimp to make the curtains look natural, artistic, pretty, shiny and everything that looked pretty became a curtain-texture to put on the prims.

Now new curtains saw the light of the day. Scripted curtains with sliding open/close.  Then it didn’t take long before there was made enough money to rent a quarter-sim, with room for more curtains.

In 2009 The first full sim was rented, and some full perm curtains was bought to expand the selections. Now all curtains was scripted and could open/close, change color and set glow and transparency.

The script was then refined to have little particles and wind-option. The sculpted curtains that was bought didn’t really fit the scripts that could make them change so time had come to dig into Blender and start learning how to make sculpts. So now both shape, functionality and look was home made. And it still is. Later scripts was refined to include a sun-system and a better and low-lag wind-system and the particles is no-more, except in a few older curtains.

Many full sims around have had a Xzari Curtains through time, and there has been many malls with a Xzari Curtain shop too.

Since 2014 Xzari Curtains is located on the mainland in SL next to a roadside. It has always been a dream to have a shop near a road on the mainland, so when the right spot was available, then the full sim was delivered back to its owner, and 5 plots on the roadside was bought and joined to one big plot. Fortunately there are some very good neighbors that don’t lag or disturb at all, so the shop will probably stay there for a long time.

In 2013 shop in Inworldz was established. Sale went well there too and it could pay for the rent at the plot that was rented for it. In late 2014 the area where the shop was located was almost dead and the shop was moved to a lovely sim with a cheaper rent and an expansion of the shop was made recently that doubled the size of the shop.

In 2014 a shop was established in Kitely and on the new Kitely Market. Apparently it was too early to make a niche-shop there, like curtains are, so after 6 months and no sale the shop was closed down. Early 2016 another attempt to start a shop in Kitely and on the Kitely market was made, and this time it seems to be much better. The market has expanded to more grids, there seem to be more people in Opensim today than 2014. The sale hasn’t reach  a level where it can pay the rent yet, but with a little hard marketing work then it should be a possible goal to reach in near future.