Very exclusive and pretty lowlag mesh/prim curtain with a landimpact of only 6 LI.

This curtain has sliding open/close in 3 ways: from side to side, up/down and down/up.

The curtain is copyable and modifyable, so you can stretch to the size you want or use the Resize button in the curtain-menu to adjust width and length.

Advanced menudriven operation:
Sliding Open/Close: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
– Retract (open/close from side to side)
– Up/Down (open/close from bottom to top or if turned from top to bottom)
Resize: Adjust the width and/or Lenght by +/-5, +/-10, +/-25, +/-50 or +/-100
Set Color: 120 different colors (blends with the texture)
Bright +/-: Adjust the brightness
Transparent: 5 different levels for transparency. You can set transparency for the 2 middleparts only.
Glow: 8 different levels
Top +/-; Show the Top (butterflies) or hide it.
Help: Get a notecard with information about how to operate the curtain.

OnlyOwner menu:
– Permission: permission for who can operate the curtain (owner/group/all).
– Reset: This button is for saving after resizing or to Reset to default settings.

Special features:
Phantom +/-: Set to walk through the curtain, even when closed, or to set it blocked and use it like a door.
Wind System: Set wind to no wind, breezy, blowy, windy or stormy, AND set wind-direction, AND set a range for when people can see the wind-sway.
Sun-system: Opens when sun rises, and closes at sunset.

If you want to test the curtain before you buy, then you can visit Xzari Curtains and click on all curtains, to get the menu to test. You can also get a demo to take home and test before you buy.

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All curtains are copyable, and at Xzari Curtains you can click on all curtains to operate before you buy.

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