Very exclusive and menu-controlled mesh Persienna Blind with many combination-options.
This blind open/close in 2 ways: up/down and by turning the lamellas.

The blind is copyable so you just need to buy one to fill all your windows.
It is also modifyable, so you can stretch to the size you want or use the Resize button in the blind-menu to adjust width and length.

Advanced menudriven operation:
Open/Close: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
Turn: TurnOpen, Turn25, Turn50, TurnClosed
Resize: Adjust the width and/or Lenght by +/-5, +/-25, +/-50 or +/-100
Set Color: 120 different colors (blends with the texture)
Permission: Includes permission option (owner/group/all).
Sun-system: Opens when sun rises, and closes at sunset.
Transparent: 5 different levels for transparency. You can set transparency for the 2 middleparts only.
Bright +/-: Adjust the brightness
Handle +/-; Show the Handle or hide it.
Glow: 8 different levels
Phantom +/-: Set to walkthrough the blind, even when closed, or to set it blocked.
Reset: ReSet default settings.
Help: Get a notecard with information about how to operate the blind.

If you want to test the blind before you buy, then you can visit Xzari Curtains and click the blind to test the menu.

To get an idea of what you think of this blind, then please write a review if you like it, and if you have any issues then IM me, so I have a chance to fix what is wrong.

Try before you buy.
Its worth it…