Xzari Curtain FAQ

During the years as virtual curtain-merchant, I have recieved many questions about my curtains. I will try to answer the most asked questions here.


Why do you have 2 different prices for a product in your shop in SL?

In SL I use the Caspervend system to handle the sale for me. That also allows me to give a group-discount, so if you want to buy a curtain to the lowest price then you can join the “Exquisitely” group and then you are allowed to the discount. (There are a few of the curtains that isnt a part of the vendor-system, and then you will only be presented with one price.)


I resized my curtains and now I cant open or close them anymore. Is that a bug?

No it is not a bug. It is because you didn’t reset the curtains after the resize. The new size has to be saved for the script to calculate the right numbers to be able to open and close, and that “save” is done by clicking on the Reset-button in the curtain-menu. That button is located in the OnlyOwner menu. Remember that the curtains are copyable so you can always rezz a new set.


I am looking for a certain curtain that I have seen at a friends house, but I cant find it. Can you help?

Through time I have refined and updated the curtain-scripts many times, and when I have to update the curtains with the new script, I sometimes feel for making a new curtain instead of updating the old one. That is probably a typical creator-thing, because its more fun to make something new than to update old stuff. Anyway then I sometimes have to keep the not-updated curtains in the inventory to make room for the new ones I have made. So if you want something you remember having seen somewhere, but can’t find it in the shops around or on the marketplace, then just IM me and ask for it. I will then update and send you a new version if possible, or else you just get the same old version if it works fine.


I want to have a custom-look for my curtain. Can you make it for me?

Sometimes I have been trying to please people with a custom-made version for what they need. It can take a long time to create a special look for a curtain, especially because sculpted curtains are dead and mesh-curtains have to be very low-poly (low details)  so people don’t get a too high land-impact of it. Now mesh-curtains and low-poly aren’t a good combination, because the best looking mesh-curtains have a high landimpact, which is a shame in my opinion. You can then “cheat” with the texture to make it look more detailed. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, depending on what the customer ask for. I do prefer the requests for minor changes to an existing curtain, because that take less time and makes the customer happy for getting their modified version delivered quickly. If you have a request then let me know, but I have to evaluate what you need before deciding to do it, to be able to see if I can make it like you want or it will be a failure from start.


Can I buy your curtains as full-perm?

No, I don’t sell my curtains as full-perm. I did think about it though, but if I do then it will be on one of the 3D-model sites where you download it as a file, instead of SL.



Often I get an IM with just a “Hi”….

I know that it is people who want to know if I am online, and I am not online 24 hours a day, BUT I do get an email every time someone IM me, so it is a better idea to write your question to me in full length and then I will come online as soon as possible to answer you. Its not working to come online after I have seen the “Hi” and the IM you, because then you are already looking in other places for what you want, and have totally forgot what you wanted to ask about, according to my experience.