Lamella Blind with prim-lamellas that turn when open/close.

Advanced menudriven operation:
Turn: 50% (45 degrees) or 100 % (90degrees) and a close (0 degrees)
Lenght: adjust the length by +/-5, +/-25, +/-50 or +/-100
Set Color: 120 different colors (blends with the texture)
Permission: Includes permission option (owner/group/all).
Wind (flexi): Set wind-options for the middle-part: no wind, softwind, breezy, blowy, windy or stormy
Transparent: 5 different levels for transparency. You can set transparency for the middlepart only or for the full
Bright +/-: adjust the brightness
Glow: 8 different levels
Reset: ReSet default settings.
Help: Get a notecard with information about how to operate the curtain.

Try before you buy.
Its worth it…..

Visit Xzari Curtains and
try to operate the curtain before you buy. In the shop you can also get a demo to take home and try before you