Very exclusive and pretty sculpted curtain, with soft transparency in the center-piece and with many other combination-options + pretty soft particles.

The curtain are modifyable, so you can resize it just by stretching it. You also get a Length-function, so you can adjust the length easily.

Advanced menudriven operation:
Open/Close (up and down)
Lenght: adjust the length by +/-5, +/-25, +/-50 or +/-100
Set Color: 120 different colors (blends with the texture)
Permission: Includes permission option (owner/group/all).
Transparent: 5 different levels for transparency.
Bright +/-: adjust the brightness
Glow: 8 different levels
Wind: Softwind, Breezy, Blowy, Windy, Stormy
Particles: 4 different pretty particle patterns
Reset: ReSet default settings.
Help: Get a notecard with information about how to operate the curtain.

On/Off: Turn on/off particles,
Colorable: Set the particle to 120 different colors,
Patterns: Star, Heart, Snowflake and Bubbles.

9 prim.
Copyable and modifyable.

Try before you buy!
Visit Xzari Curtains and try to operate the curtains before you buy. Its worth it…