Dance the night away

Dance the night away

Wear your best suit or your prettiest dress and go to one of the many ballrooms around for a romantic evening with many different music-genres.Snapshot_030 Snapshot_032


Meet new friends.

If you want to meet new friends, then a Ballroom is a good place for that. People new to virtual worlds often go to a ballroom as the first thing to do, because it is a place where you can allow yourself to engange in a conversation with a stranger without feeling uninvited to do so or maybe even feel intrusive. Many virtual couples has met eachother in a ballroom. Some stay as virtual couples, but many has also dicided to meet in real life and started a life together that way.


Dressing up.

Usually formal wear is required, but it is not expensive to buy a suit or a glamourous gown in a marketplace somewhere, or a shop. There is a large selection of formal wear around in the worlds. It is one of the most popular categories for cloth-designers. If you one day start to feel a bit lost in a virtual world, and can’t think of what to do then maybe one day you can learn how to make your own dress or suit. There are classes around that people can attend to, that teach people how to build, make cloth, script and a lot more.



It might be a good idea to look at events in the ballrooms. Many ballrooms are empty a lot of the time, but when an event is running, then it can be very crowded. An event can be a certain DJ that plays for example jazz-music or just romantic music. It can also be a gay event or a Sinatra event.  Usually you will have to join a group to be informed of the events for a certain ballroom, but some worlds offer an event-calender on their webpage too.


I can’t dance….

Well now you can. In virtual worlds you dont have to learn how to dance. Its so easy. Some places have a public central danceball that you just have to click on and then appears a blue and a pink ball right infront of you. Then just click on it and dance. Usually you also get a menu on the viewer where you can choose which dance you want to dance, a waltz or slowdance or something more agile. In secondlife there are so many choices so that you can spend a whole evening with just try out the different dances and have fun with that, but in opensim there isnt that many yet, but they will come eventually.
Other places have the danceballs with only one dancetype spread out on the dancefloor for you to jump on.
When you are done dancing there is a button in your viewer that says “Stand” and when you click on that you jump off the danceballs again.


If you go to a ballroom and no one is there, then you can always enjoy the magnificent architecture and interior design that many ballroom-owners have spent a lot of time building, just for us to see. You can easily feel like a royality in the beautiful surroundings.

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