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Join some of the many virtual communities.

vir groupsJust like in the real world,  people in the virtual world do come together in communities of all sorts. Some communities are formed through a certain behavior like roleplay communities, others became a community by chance, and some are formed by a merchant who has a support-group for customers which brought people together because of a common interest.

Groups are communities.

In virtual worlds groups are an over-used phenomenon. Its so easy to form a group and to join groups, so everybody can do it with a simple click. The hard part is to make people join those groups.  Many groups suffer from the lack of activity, but if you find the right groups then you will be overwhelmed by the activity level and chat from the people in those groups. You can be spammed with event-messages and you will probably be totally confused when trying to find head and tale in the group-chat, because there can be many individual chats going on in the same view. Thats just something you have to get used to. Its a good way to get to know new people if you join the conversations and attend the events in the communities. Just search for a group with your interest and join. Some groups are closed and will only accept new members by invite. Then find the group-owner and ask for an invite, or attend one of their events, and they will probably automatically invite you when you are there.

There are numerous large groups in both facebook and Google+ too, but most are advertising-groups where people show their creations.

Link to a good group in Google+:



SLUniverse is a forum that deserves to be mentioned on its own. It is an old forum from the beginning of Secondlife and many of the members are people that have been living in Secondlife from time to time. They have formed their own community and have also a place in secondlife where members can meet for a chat.

The forum has many sub-forums and you can get tips for almost anything there. They do also have a sub-forum for opensim worlds, but it is not as dominant as the Second Life parts. Even that you dont expect to live in Secondlife, but maybe want to try an opensim world, then you can use many of the tips and tricks you can read about there, because opensim worlds are based on the core of the Second Life platform, so many things works in the same way. Many people have tried to make a forum equal to SLUniverse, but none has survived for very long. SLUniverse is so filled with activity, so it is hard for others to compete with that. But beware if you want to write a post there…..they DO bite.

Link to SLUniverse: