About Virtual Zigzag

cropped-cropped-virtualzigzag_tga_lille2.pngVirtual zigzag is a website that zigzag between different types of virtual entertainment.

We all do it from time to time. We do escape from reality either by watching a movie, read a book, or play a role in a roleplay-game.

Today the Internet offers a lot of ways to escape from reality. With WW3 almost knocking on our door, people that dies from simple diseases because of bachteria resistant to penicillin, news that shows us disasters all over the world constantly, and Peter Sagan that got kicked out of Tour de France…. then it is getting harder and harder to relate to reality fulltime. We simply need to escape one way or another from time to time.

This website is all about escaping reality. Either by playing a PC-game, watch a great Netflix-series, spending time living a virtual life in a virtual world, or watching youtubers escape in their own ways to the delight of many viewers.

What you can find on this site is my opinion on different aspects of the entertainment that are out there. If I see something new and shiny I will write about it, or if something happens that is news-worthy like when Ark Survival Evolved got bashed by its own community for releasing a costly DLC  for an early access game,  or if a virtual world owner does something that gets a lot of attention, being good or bad.

I do also use this website to display my curtain-catalog for my shops in virtual worlds, which actually is the real reason for having a website, but in my opinion there has to be more than boring commercial stuff before people find it interesting enough to read.

There is a little introduction to virtual worlds if you havent visited one yet. It can be fun so take a look here: http://virtualzigzag.com/?page_id=241