About Virtual Zigzag

cropped-cropped-virtualzigzag_tga_lille2.pngVirtual zigzag is a website that zigzag between virtual worlds and is made by the virtual me: Xzarina Demina, Owner of the virtual shop Xzari Curtains.

With shops in SecondLife, Inworldz and Kitely, that have to be cleaned from time to time and updated too, I do come around a lot. I also have an account on GCG.                                                                                                                                


The reason for making this website is to have a place to show my products, and to give some input to the non-virtual people about virtual life. It is also a place for stating my opinions about what happens around the worlds.

I have now decided too that I want to blog about PC gaming. I am playing Ark: Survival Evolved these days and thats a really fantastic game. I have through time played a lot of great games and the cool games just keep coming now because of the indie-culture that has arisen since Unity and other ways to make games. Its just my interest, besides virtual worlds.


Me working…

So Virtual Zigzag is a blog, a catalog and an inspiration to virtual worlds.