Copyright infringement takedown

No this is not in Secondlife or in any other virtual world. This is in a PC-game. We learned so much by now about takedowns in SL and how the content get removed from innocent buyers of sad content, but … read more

Oh noo…the online-numbers are declining!

Today I wrote a post in the Inworldz forum, because I got inspired by the subject about the decline in the online-numbers and that nobody is online on peoples friendslist. ********************************************************************************* Time has changed, and we as VR-people has changed … read more

Inworldz marketplace, Yay!

It seems that Wolf Hartnell from Inworldz ( ) finally has finished the long awaited marketplace for Inworldz’s residents. It has just opened for merchants and is expected to be open for customers soon. Wolf’s blog: This has been a … read more

Age is not really a problem!

For some reason many people think that playing a videogame or living a virtual life is something for young people. That is probably because the virtual entertaining haven’t existed that long, and older people is more or less known to decline … read more

Hello world!

Welcome to Virtual Zigzag. This site is going to be a zigzag between virtual life, virtual business and virtual worlds and also a little about gaming. Feel free to look around. On this site you will find a virtual curtain-catalog for … read more