Dance the night away

Dance the night away

Wear your best suit or your prettiest dress and go to one of the many ballrooms around for a romantic evening with many different music-genres.Snapshot_030 Snapshot_032


Meet new friends.

If you want to meet new friends, then a Ballroom is a good place for that. People new to virtual worlds often go to a ballroom as the first thing to do, because it is a place where you can allow yourself to engange in a conversation with a stranger without feeling uninvited to do so or maybe even feel intrusive. Many virtual couples has met eachother in a ballroom. Some stay as virtual couples, but many has also dicided to meet in real life and started a life together that way.


Dressing up.

Usually formal wear is required, but it is not expensive to buy a suit or a glamourous gown in a marketplace somewhere, or a shop. There is a large selection of formal wear around in the worlds. It is one of the most popular categories for cloth-designers. If you one day start to feel a bit lost in a virtual world, and can’t think of what to do then maybe one day you can learn how to make your own dress or suit. There are classes around that people can attend to, that teach people how to build, make cloth, script and a lot more.



It might be a good idea to look at events in the ballrooms. Many ballrooms are empty a lot of the time, but when an event is running, then it can be very crowded. An event can be a certain DJ that plays for example jazz-music or just romantic music. It can also be a gay event or a Sinatra event.  Usually you will have to join a group to be informed of the events for a certain ballroom, but some worlds offer an event-calender on their webpage too.


I can’t dance….

Well now you can. In virtual worlds you dont have to learn how to dance. Its so easy. Some places have a public central danceball that you just have to click on and then appears a blue and a pink ball right infront of you. Then just click on it and dance. Usually you also get a menu on the viewer where you can choose which dance you want to dance, a waltz or slowdance or something more agile. In secondlife there are so many choices so that you can spend a whole evening with just try out the different dances and have fun with that, but in opensim there isnt that many yet, but they will come eventually.
Other places have the danceballs with only one dancetype spread out on the dancefloor for you to jump on.
When you are done dancing there is a button in your viewer that says “Stand” and when you click on that you jump off the danceballs again.


If you go to a ballroom and no one is there, then you can always enjoy the magnificent architecture and interior design that many ballroom-owners have spent a lot of time building, just for us to see. You can easily feel like a royality in the beautiful surroundings.

Link to relevant and interesting blogs:


Daydreaming by the waterfall

All you have to do is turn on your computer and open your viewer to login. Then you can visit the most beautiful places around the virtual worlds. You can easily lean back and daydream for a while, so make sure you dont get disturbed.



 Beautiful 3D environments.

There are some really nice places around in the worlds, that is very impressive and well made. Some are made as parks or forests and some are cities and famous realworld buildings. Many people makes blogs about it and there are also magazines that show all the grandness made from people all over the world. Be prepared to travel around the worlds for many hours just to explore all the diversity and variety, and soon you have found your favorite spot, where you can lean back in silence and just enjoy.

If you are brave enough then you will also buy a pair of Oculus Rift glasses and start exploring through those.  Read about what that is here:


Planning, designing and building.

After exploring for a while you might be inspired to build something yourself, or to just design a place. Its a bit hard to learn how to build, but there are classes around that you can attend to learn howto. But its easier to plan, design and create a beautiful place without having to build it yourself, because you can buy all what you need, like trees, flowers, houses in all styles and genres, waves for the water, furniture, wheater machines and almost everything you would need for creating your own place. Look around for shops that sell what you want or look at the marketplaces.

Link to relevant and interesting blogs: 


It cost real money to build.

Yes, if you want to own a place that you have designed and created, then you will need to pay. It isn’t really that expensive to buy a tree, and if you look for trees that can be copied then you will only have to buy one tree and then you can plant all the trees you like. What really cost money is the land that you have to own before you can create your place. Here comes the planning in, because you will have to decide from start how many prims you are going to need. Everything in the virtual world is made of prims and is calculated into a landimpact. A tree can be made from 1 prim up to 14 prims relative to how much detail there is and also how well made it is. Some creators are really good of making low-prim stuff and others arent that good, so you will have to look carefully before you buy something. Planning how many prims that are needed for land are mostly based on how much you want to spend for your land. Landcosts are high around. In secondlife it is way more expensive than in the opensim worlds.  Look on a worlds homepage to learn how much to pay for a piece of land. It can vary greatly.


Virtual jobs.

Many people don’t have any money to buy a plot, a tree or to buy a nice dress. So a good way of making money in a virtual world is to get a job. Just like in the real world. There are many types of jobs to get but places like clubs are often recruiting DJ’s or dancers or greeters or eventmanagers and so. Some fashion-designers also recruits models for their cloth. It is not always easy to find those jobs, so keep an eye on forums or facebook and Google+, there are sometimes posts from a club-owner, or fashion-designer needing people for something. The payment for these jobs are not like in the real-world, because you can’t make enough money in virtual worlds to pay a real wage, but it can be good earnings for buying a new dress or maybe rent a small house somewhere to start your virtual life in.

Secondlife forum for vacant jobs:

Mesh CanopyBed

I have often wanted to make a canopybed in mesh because I think they look very faery-tale like, and they can enhance a room very much.

So I decided to make one from scratch in Blender. I started it on Kitely, but when I got a bed that looked fairly good then I made a  low-poly version of that in Secondlife. It is now in my shop there too.

It has 2 sleep poses, that you can access by clicking the under-pillow, but other than that there is no script for it.

canopybed sl_003 canopybed sl_002 canopybed sl_001


I am working on a scripted version on Kitely. It can change color on the different parts (drapes, bedspread, pillows, wood) and set transparency on the drapes, open/close the bedspread and set phantom on/off. Plus it also has the 2 sleep anims in the under-pillows. I am not going to make any MLP because I havent any idea on how to do that. So far its just a decor-bed with 2 sleep poses.



Virtual Dreamhome

I would love a full sim filled with “dreamhomes”, wonderful and pretty houses and gardens that is filled with quality-interior and designed by a real interior designer, and gardens designed by a gardener and of course with curtains designed by me. This project would be a perfect collaboration-project with landscape-designers, creators of houses, home-decor and garden-stuff and probably many more profiles.

I was inspired to think this thought by a TV-show with 2 Canadian brothers (twins) where they can turn an old shack into a lovely modern home that people really want to live in and feel good about. Then I thought that it could be a new kind of mall in a virtual world, where you get to see the things in a perspective and where you can be inspired to make your own dreamhome.

It could be so much fun to make and especially to see the result of that when its done. Think of visiting a nice landscaped sim with a lot of beautiful houses and gardens and modern style and maybe old vintage style, where you can buy it all or maybe get some of it as a freebie too. It will be the coolest showroom to visit.

To keep costs down and to take advantage of the Kitely Market that sells to many grids, then I would prefer that it should be developed in Kitely.


To make this happen there are a lot of stuff to-do. It will require several sub-projects that I will list here:

Initial phase:

Find the right people to participate in the project. (Right people means motivated, interested and capable)
Decide who does what


Planning phase:

Make plan for landscaping
Decide what types of houses that is suitable
Make house-layouts
Make garden-layouts
Make plan for interior-design for each house and each room
Make marketing-plan


Creating phase:

Create landscape
Create Houses
Create interior
Create garden-things



Rezz houses according to landscape-plan
Build gardens according to garden-layout
Rezz interior according to interior design-plan



Perform marketing according to marketing-plan

New to Virtual Worlds?

New dimension on reality?

Have you ever thought of getting a new dimension on reality?
If not, then a virtual world might be your new gateway to adventure.

fantasy-639115_1280We all do it from time to time. We do escape from reality either by watching a movie, read a book, or play a role in a roleplay-game. To get a new dimension on this kind of escape, you should try to live a 3D life in a virtual world.


The neverending inspiration!

Be inspired of how much diversity and creativity there is in a virtual world, and how easy it is to meet people from all over the world without having to sit in a plane for many hours.
Be inspired to live your own fantastic virtual life. Be inspired to build your own house, to make your own dress or to start a new virtual business.



It is all up to you how you want to live your virtual life. You can be a faery, you can look young or old, beautiful or ugly, or you can be a horse, a fox, a robot or whatever is included in your fantasy.
Start a virtual exploring and be inspired.







What can you do in a virtual world?

You can meet new friends, or go to a fun event somewhere, or you can start learning how to build and create your own 3D creations.
You can present your virtual self in many ways. You can be male or female, young, old, pretty, ugly, a wolf, a faery, or maybe even a robot.


Dance the night away:

Want to be a vitual zombie?:

Join a community/Group:



Fashion in virtual worldsswanee1

Clothing and apparel are the biggest industry in virtual worlds. People want their avatar to look good and don’t mind spending a lot of money on that. Hair, skin and shoes are also something that is under the influence of trends and fashion. There are virtual magazines that show the lates from the big designers and there are models showing the cloth in big fashion shows. At first you dont need to pay a fortune to look good. Many designers makes freebies (free stuff) that you can grab and wear, but then you have to be prepared of meeting someone with the same dress as you.





No danger…

Dont worry about moving around in the virtual city at night. You can’t be harmed in any way. If someone say something not nice to you then just mute and/or TP (teleport) somewhere else.



Protect your real life.

You never know who you meet in a virtual world, because everybody can be anonymous. It is therefore a good idea to never give away your real life information of any kind, to anyone. Do not share anything about you unless you are absolutely sure that you know who you share it with, and that can be a challenge to be able to know fully. Follow the normal rules for internet-behavior and you should be safe.

More about virtual security:



How to start a new life?

800px-OpenSim0Become a resident in the a Virtual World somewhere, and start your new virtual life now.
Today there are many virtual worlds around. It might be easy to get a little lost when you try to decide where to settle down.

<—- This is Ruth. The default starter avatar in many worlds. Some worlds do have some very nice avatars that you can choose instead of Ruth, though.