Inworldz marketplace, Yay!

icon-blue-d-marketplace-cartIt seems that Wolf Hartnell from Inworldz ( ) finally has finished the long awaited marketplace for Inworldz’s residents. It has just opened for merchants and is expected to be open for customers soon.

Wolf’s blog:

This has been a loooong waiting for that marketplace. The problem is that Wolf is all alone in making of this, but it seems that he surely knows what he is doing. It has a complex architechture and a very simple user-interface, so we couldn’t wish for a better system than this I think.


It was last year that Wolf announced that he was working on the marketplace and I did try to convince the founders of Inworldz back then, to help Wolf, because its a huge job to make a good marketplce for a virtual world. It seemed that the founders was happy that Wolf took on the job on his shoulders, but yeah well I didnt see any specific help offered, except from just the “sure we will help wolf if he want it” offer.

That did only get Wolf to say that he wanted to do things himself and in his pace. That is also ok. It was just a good thing if that marketplace could have an official hand on it too, because what if Wolf gets tired of it, or if he can’t afford that probably expensive technical setup he has made, then Inwoldz is without a marketplace again….Ok, I am good at taking the trouble halfway, so let’s us just hope for the best.

Its the second marketplace that the Inworldz-residents can use now. The first, Inbiz, did suffer a silent dead, because of the lack of support and updating from the creator of that marketplace. Inworldz founders do not want to create a marketplace themselfes, and let it be up to the residents to do that, which means that if this resident decides to quit and go back to real life, then all the merchants and customers are left with a broken system that no one can do anything about. It is a huge job to put your products on to a marketplace and very time-consuming, plus customers have to deposit money to buy something, so if a marketplace suddenly stops working then those customers and the merchants too cant get to that money anymore. Its not good. Anyway I hope that Wolf can handle the support and doesnt get discouraged at some point, or maybe that Inworldz decide to buy the system from him, so they can take on the responsebility of running it to the end of Inworldz days.

There was also a third marketplace for a very short period of time. It just disappeared one day. Fortunately not many people had used it, because it was still in its early fase, and rumours said that the creators of that marketplace did have a butthead contest with the founders, so they decided to quit early on. Well, this is the nuisance in virtual worlds in general with things that comes and goes, and it was not the first time things just disappear, and it wont be the last time either.

Anyway, I will take on my positive hat and I am exited to put my stuff on the new marketplace. I will just give it a few weeks or so before I start the work….:)