Copyright infringement takedown

copyright-symbolNo this is not in Secondlife or in any other virtual world. This is in a PC-game.
We learned so much by now about takedowns in SL and how the content get removed from innocent buyers of sad content, but it seems that being a game-developer also have to live with that someone claims the right to parts of their work.

Here is a little story about a game-developer that probably very innocent (or not) developed a little zombie for his game. Another game-developer somehow recognized that zombie as his own work and immidiately sent a lawyer with a DMCA in his pocket to claim the rights.


That provoked an immidiately takedown of the infringers game, that was already published as early access game on Steam, AND it also provoked a strike on several youtubers that had made videos with the illegal zombie AND put those youtubers on a limit for a certain amount of time so that they couldnt upload videos that lasted more than 15 minuttes and also a limit for how much they could upload a day, PLUS they deleted the videos that included the illegal zombie.
Eventually they settled somehow, so the game is back up on Steam and some youtubers is back to normal, but it took more than a week to get this settled for all.

Now we can say that Linden Lab is fairly soft when it comes to takedowns. At least they dont punish the end-buyer that hard.